Blog May 9, 2012
Midweek Baile Breakdown
The ever-dependable folks over at Generation Bass, in the course of their unflagging mission to make the entire world dance by beating them into submission with free mixtapes, have brought yet another gem to our attention. The Mulheres Do Baile Mixtape Volume 1 compiled by DJ Comrade for XOA productions, is an 100 percent official banger. Compiled entirely from tracks featuring female Baile funk/funk-carioca MC’s, this thing explodes in a blaze of stuttering, accordion-sampling, copyright-flaunting glory. The beats are awesomely over the top, the energy quotient is dialed up past eleven (obviously), and the attitude problem is palpable. Taken at high volume, it’s the perfect antidote to the peculiar midweek illusion in which Friday appears to recede endlessly into an unreachable distance. Put it on, and feel the weekend. Or silly because your coworkers just saw you dancing way too hard. But whatever- forget them, and put it back on. Listen to it now: MULHERES DO BAILE MIXTAPE VOL. 1 - DJ COMRADE - XAO PRODUCTIONS 2012 by XaoProductions - Sam Backer