Blog December 12, 2013
Free Sampler! Nacional Records 2013
If you’re looking for a collection of funky tunes to sink your teeth or, well, ears into this holiday season, look no further than the latest free sampler from Nacional Records, available for download on Including groups pulling from a gamut of styles and influences, the 23 track album is another eclectic mix of indie, modern sound, mixing, and sampling from our favorite Latin alternative label. “Last view from Slussen” is a slow, ballad-like song that unfolds slowly.  Opening with a simple guitar and bass accompanied by a background hiss reminiscent of rushing water (an appropriate touch for a song that refers to the area of Stockholm where the Baltic Sea meets Lake Malaren), Bostich, Fussible, and the Nortec Collective slowly fill the space around the melody with a harmonium, and then organ, drum kit and synthesizer. A synthesized voice rolls through late in the song.  Perhaps best for night listening, a solid track to calm the nerves. On the more upbeat end of the spectrum is “Coco” from Astro’s 2012 self-titled debut. A heavy guitar riff opens the song and carries it through to finish.  The pungent, but simple voices balance the punchy synthesizers and piano which overlay guitar and drums. Overall a fun and interesting mix, pulling together a wide variety of good music.  Give this one a listen- after all, the price is right and the sounds are great. Grab it HERE.