Videos March 26, 2013
New Azonto from Ghana: "Seke" Double ft. Dr Slim
As we prepare for our trip to Ghana in May, we are busy checking out all the hot new jams that are heating up the streets of Accra- like this one, "Seke" by Double ft. Dr. Slim. Double, a new duo made up of rappers Paa Kwesi and Nana Yaw, teems up with the mysterious Dr. Slim (We tried to find out some information about him, without success. If anyone knows about Dr. Slim, let us know!) to make this bumping tune. The video was shot on location at Bukom in Accra and Directed by Xbills Ebenezer of Xpress Philms. Beyond the energetic dancing and smooth flows of the singers, it is worth noting that the intro music to the video is a clip from a tune by the Uhuru Dance Band, an electric hi-life and afro-funk band that was popular in Ghana in the 1970s. So- if you want to hear more Ghanian Jamz like this one- help support our kickstarter!

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