Blog May 8, 2012
New Music: Staff Benda Bilili - "Osali Mabe"
What's this? New Staff Benda Bilili?! We are super excited about this new track off the forthcoming full-length from these super talented Congolese street musicians. The new song "Osali Mabe" is an energetic upbeat affair full of Congolese stylings and group vocals. A preview of good things to come, no doubt. If you are unfamiliar with Staff Benda Bilili, the group is made up of disabled musicians who lived around the zoo in the DRC's capital Kinshasha. The group's sound is often recognizable by the sound of their altered instruments, most notably an electrified one-stringed lute. The new album Bouger Le Monde is due out in September via Crammed Discs. Stream the new track below: Staff Benda Bilili - Osali Mabe (from upcoming album "Bouger Le Monde") by Crammed Discs