Blog August 18, 2014
This Is New Africa: New Single From Fuse ODG Featuring Angel
Fuse ODG is set to release new single in October called "T.I.N.A." featuring Angel, off his debut album, also named T.I.N.A. Luckily for his fans, it's already on Soundcloud, and generating plenty of interest: Fuse ODG is a relatively new artist, but he has already proven to be a powerhouse on the global music scene. The London-born Ghanaian artist received the Urban Music Award for Best Afrobeats Artist of 2012 and made history by becoming the first Ghanaian musician to reach number one in the iTunes World Chart. He is  one of the popularizers of the azonto dance craze, thanks to the music video for his song "Antenna," which besides reaching over a one million views in a matter of weeks, is one of the most infectiously joyous pieces of music that we've ever heard. Despite this success, the 26-year-old is not resting on his laurels, releasing another anticipated hit ‘T.I.N.A.’ which features the U.K. r&b singer/songwriter Angel, to be released through 3Beat Records on Oct. 5. The song starts with Angel and Fuse singing over a soft guitar, but it's not until the the bass and the rhythmic clap drop that the real fun starts. Congolese-style guitar riffs mix with poppy synths and fervent vocals. While the lyrics of Fuse’s new single say it all, you may need to do a little reading between the lines: T.I.N.A is an acronym for This Is New Africa, so the track is really an upbeat love letter from Fuse to the continent. It's a vibrant, fun, striking and strong version of Africa that the world should be more than ready to embrace. According to Fuse, “T.I.N.A. is a concept which urges Africans in the Motherland and the diaspora to use their skills to rebuild their community and show the world the more beautiful side of Africa.” This Is New Africa reflects a changing representation of the continent in much of the increasingly successful west African pop pouring of Accra, London, and Lagos.  If Fuse can make the world love azonto in a matter of weeks, who else could be better to pioneer this movement?