Blog July 4, 2016
New Wiyaala Video: Tuma (No Food for the Lazy Man)
Wiyaala, the Ghanaian pop sensation and the winner of the 2012 "Vodafone Icons" reality show, has released a new music video for her song, “Tuma (No Food for the Lazy Man).” The brightly colored video features a group of kids cooking, washing, digging and hairdressing, while some are sleeping or sitting idly by. It quite literally illustrates the song’s message: “There's no food for the lazy man/There's no food for the lazy girl/If you don't work/You won't eat.” The children get up to shenanigans, acting out the song’s lyrics as Wiyaala looks on with her guitar, laughing. This cheerful video is an excellent complement to the upbeat, message-heavy song. The track fits well into the recent pop trend of songs promoting hard work, such as Rihanna’s “Work” and Fifth Harmony’s “Work From Home,” but without the innuendo of the latter two. To learn about Wiyaala’s activism and read Afropop's review of her self-titled debut album, click here.