Blog July 3, 2012
Nix's New Mixtape & New Sound
When I saw Nix in Dakar this past January he was wearing baggy white skinny jeans, a tight black tank top, a black backwards baseball cap and dreads down to his shoulders. Oh yea, he also was rapping his own rendition of "A Milli". If it wasn't for the French and Wolof, I would have sworn that I was at a Lil' Wayne concert. Although most rappers in West Africa take after American rappers, I was a little disappointed when throughout the night I continuously heard him rapping over Drake, Lil' Wayne and J. Cole songs. But with the recent release of his first mixtape titled, Tha Nixtape Vol. 1 Road Trip last month, he has proven that he still knows what's up. After the success of his first two albums, Nix quickly blew up on the French and African rap scene rapping among the likes of Alliance Ethnik, Menelik, Raggasonic, KDD, Patra, Alpha Blondy, Magic System, and Dubmatique. He has even been called "Senegal's Rap Meister" and is currently working on a third album that could include former Fugee, Wyclef Jean. His mixtape is filled with sweet collaborations, tight beats and fun dance tunes. I cannot stop hitting the replay button when I hear this one. Now based out of France, Nix is quickly making a name for himself within the French rap scene and is definitly someone that we need to look out for. Get your free download of Tha Nixtape.