Blog August 2, 2013
NY's ARChive Announces Indian Music Week

The ARChive has just announced the launch of Indian Music Week, a new sister website dedicated to celebrating videos, histories, seminars, concerts, lectures, sound files, sheet music, broadcasts, narrowcasts, album cover art galleries, essays, blogs, photos and links that illustrate the history and influence of Indian music. The Indian Music Week website is the nerve center of the celebration for the time being, though a full blown website will launch at the end of September.

A promotional video from Amarrass Records, an Indian Music Week contributor 

Indian Music Weeks is a continuation of the ARChive’s previous in depth explorations of the world music scene as a whole in 2011 and Brazilian music in 2012. Furthermore, tucked into the organization's promotional materials was the equally exciting announcement of their future programming, including weeks focusing on the musics of Scandinavia (2014), Cuba (2015), Louisiana (2016), China (2017). It’ll be quite a run for the ARChive, and we’re looking forward to digging into their coverage as it progresses.