Blog September 4, 2013
Oldie But Booty
It is a well-known fact that the heavyweights of the Tropicalia movement in 1970s Brazil—Os Mutantes, Caetano Veloso, Novos Baianos, Gilberto Gil, etc.— were profoundly influenced by the Beatles. The Tropicalistas took Beatlesque harmonies and pop song structures, juxtaposed them with Afro-Brazilian rhythms and Lusophonic chords and blended it all together with a heavy dose of psychedelic musical experimentalism, creating a new kind of Brazilian popular music. But who knew that anyone in the current baile funk/carioca bass/tecno-brega scene was drawing inspiration from the Fab Four? João Brasil, from Rio, based in London, is closely tied with Daniel Haaksman and Man Recordings. He has done (and currently does) so many awesome things, you should really just check out his catalogue. While we know that this is several years old, we were recently staggered to discover João’s 2010 mashup album Let It Baile, which is not even part of João’s year-long 365 Mashups Project, but is its own, amazing entity. Simultaneously rejoicing in and poking fun at both Beatles and baile, João brings us from the sublime to the ridiculous and back. Enjoy! (Also, the album cover. Wow.) Tracklist: 00:00 - Two rinocerontes bill (The Beatles X MC Bill and MC Bolinho) 02:53 - Ela balança mais nao pony (The Beatles X MC Buiu) 05:40 - Descontroladas Universe (The Beatles X Bonde do tigrão) 08:01 - Bolete mine (The Beatles X MC Colibri) 11:01 - Dig Minigame (The Beatles X Montagem Minigame) 13:00 - Let it injeção be (The Beatles X Deize Tigrona) 15:41 - Maggie, bum bum se conquista (The Beatles X Mr. Catra) 17:47 - I've got a vacilão (The Beatles X Perlla) 20:48 - Atoladinha 909 (The Beatles X Tati Quebra Barraco) 23:47 - The Long and Salgueiro (The Beatles X Claudinho e Buchecha) 26:30 - Kuduro Blues (The Beatles X MC Andrezinho Shock) 28:22 - Get pet (The Beatles X MC Robinho)