Videos October 22, 2013
Omar Souleyman Brings The Green Screen

There’s a lot to take in from the new video for Omar Souleyman’s “Warni Warni.” Souleyman, straight-faced and wearing his trademark turban, sings, claps and makes the “come-and-get-it” hand gesture in front a pyramid, on top of polar ice caps, and by the edge of the Grand Canyon. He also contemplates something while sitting on a staircase next to a giant bald eagle. Later on, elephants, a hippo, and a wolf make appearances, among other wildlife. Omar Souleyman does not appear to obey the laws of physics either, as he flies above a highway, stands on top of a jet as it travels through the air, and finally floats in outer space. Truly, the video’s director Cali Thornhill Dewitt has mastered the art of the green screen.

The song itself is a gloriously infectious blast of Syrian dabke-style wedding music. Souleyman sings, “Oh beautiful, you charmed me with your dark complexion/May God punish who tries to separate you and me” over electronic keyboards. “Warni Warni” comes from his latest album, Wenu Wenu, which was produced by Four Tet. We reviewed it here. Check out the video below:

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