Blog June 23, 2015
Ondatrópica Vol. 2 Announced!
Ondatrópica recently announced a followup to their excellent double-album, released on Soundway in 2012. Ondatrópica is a collaborative project spearheaded by colombian musician Mario Galeano (Frente Cumbiero) and English producer/musician Will Holland (A.K.A. Quantic). We loved the debut record, as you can read in our review. It was recorded to analogue tape at the historic Discos Fuentes studios in Bogotá, Colombia, featured scores of legendary Colombian folkloric and popular musicians, including Michi Saramiento and Fruko (of Fruko Y Sus Tesos) as well as the cream of Colombia's current experimental 'tropical' music scene as well as newcomers of the Latin Alternative music including Ana Tijoux. Ondatropica Vol. 2 promises to be even more adventurous than the first record. The premise of the record is two part: a voyage of collaboration to the Caribbean island of Providencia/Providence, an Anglophone island in the Colombian Caribbean with strong cultural ties to Jamaica and a recording session in the creative nerve center Bogotá. Vol.2 will be supported by a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo, and we highly encourage your participation! Contributions range from a $10 digital pre-order, to a private party by Quantic and Frente Cumbiera anywhere in the world (for a $15,000 contribution) Whatever your means, this is a musical and cultural project well worthy of your support. We can't wait to hear it.