Blog July 16, 2012
Pernett Takes on The Rolling Stones
Colombian DJ and producer Pernett is more known for re-working popular and traditional styles of Colombian music into subtly electronically-fueled remixes.  His work is excellent and showcases the work of an expert craftsman who is attempts to update an older sound without losing it’s original impact. The latest offering from Pernett showcases him taking on something entirely different, though….The Rolling Stones! We are unsure of the back story to this but “Loved Baphometh” takes the classic track “Sympathy for the Devil” and tosses in some latin percussion and a club-ready beat for a poppy remix  of an unusual selection for him. Strangely, though, this isn't the first time the track has been remixed. Just a few weeks ago we featured Bumps remixing The Beatles with baile funk and now this! Maybe a new trend is upon us? We will see. Stream below: Loved Baphometh by Pernett Hear more from Pernett on our program Crate Diggers & Remixers: Crate-Diggers and Remixers by Afropop Worldwide