Blog May 6, 2014
Popcaan: "Love Yuh Bad"
Last time we checked in on Popcaan, the young dancehall hitmaker was somberly preparing for a photo shoot that never came in the video for the ironically titled “Everything Nice.” On “Love Yuh Bad,” the second single from his forthcoming debut album, Where We Come From, Popcaan sounds to be in a much more carefree mood. He has crossed over to the U.S. mainstream before with the Busta Rhymes-remixed single “Only Man She Want” in 2012. Like that song, “Love Yuh Bad” has a pop accessibility to it that could easily put it into regular rotation on radio stations in Jamaica or the States. That doesn’t mean that Popcaan doesn’t inject some personality and humor into the song, as he raps, “Baby ya don’t look like no gorilla/So mi take a pic with mi Z10 camera,” and offers to pay for this non-gorilla-resembling honey’s visa. The production from Brooklyn’s Dre Skull is more fast-paced and upbeat than that of “Everything Nice,” leaving listeners with a sweet taste of what’s to come on Where We Come From, set to drop June 10 on Mixpak Records. Listen below: