Blog June 29, 2015
Amazing Cassette from DJ Mahinya-hinya
We excited to learn that up-and-coming South African Shangaan Electro artist DJ Mahinya-hinya will not only be soon putting out his first solo albumEkaya Giyani, but also that if you act fast, you can get it in the form of a limited edition, sweet-as-hell cassette tape. With a cover that comes about as close as any single image can to the Platonic net art ideal, this could be a cassette to treasure for the ages. You can show it to your grandchildren and tell them that in 2015, this is what the internet looked like - a swirling kaleidoscope of stock photos, pixelated graphics, dolphins, and anime. While you could make a case for buying this cassette for its artwork alone, this looks to be a tape that lives up to its cover. The four tracks now available to stream have a similar kaleidoscopic feel, with deliciously distorted vocals, delightful plinky synths, and beats that walk the line between bubbly and relentless. Not bad for £6 (~$9.44). Did we mention the cassette is baby pink?