Videos February 5, 2014
Quantic's "Duvidó" Video with Pongolove
British producer Quantic (AKA Will Holland) has put out quite a slew of side projects, collaborations (including the mighty Ondatropica), and krar-heavy Ethiopian folkloric mixes in recent years. However, in May, he’ll be releasing Magnetica, his first solo album since 2006’s An Announcement To Answer. For the first video for that highly anticipated record, Quantic filmed in Barranquilla and Choco, Colombia, taking in the vibes of the carnival for both the marimba-filled song and the highly festive video. His guest on “Duvidó” is Pongolove, the young Angolan singer, named after M’Pongo Love, one of Congolese rumba’s “grandes dames.” Pongolove is best known for her previous appearance on Buraka Son Sistema’s “Kalemba (Wegue Wegue),” and she was introduced to Quantic through BSS. Below, enjoy that cumbia/chande marimba melody, melding with gongs, and the forceful, self-harmonizing singing of Pongolove in her native Portuguese. Further mixing up the tremendous diversity of styles and cultures on the track, Angolan style guitars come in near the end.  The video perfectly captures the spirit of the track, with the costumes, masks, cigars, and dancing of carnival season:

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