Blog June 28, 2011
Radio Star Killed the Radio Star: Motso Takes Out Competition in New Mini-Movie Music Video
Michael did it in the 80’s with Thriller. Lady Gaga brought it back for the YouTube generation. And now South African Matswako rapper Motso has brought the mini-movie music-video to Africa.

As we mentioned in our recent program “The Trans-National African Hip-Hop Train,” hip-hop has an impressive ability to cross borders, and this is a perfect example. The video for Motso’s hit “16 Bars: What You Gonna Do,” is probably too graphic for regular airplay but it’s bound to become an internet hit. In it you’ll see your fair share of sex, money, murder and …well…dirty condoms.

Here's the censored version:


(Thanks to our friends at This Is Africa for the catch)
Contributed by Henry Molofsky