Blog July 18, 2014
(Re)-Introducing the Afropop Podcast
Hey Everybody, I wanted to take a minute to tell you about some really exciting changes starting at Afropop, namely, the (re)-launch of the Afropop Podcast. Starting today, every new episode of our award-winning program will be available in FULL as a free download in the "Podcast" section of the iTunes store, or through whatever podcaster you prefer. From artists like Fela Kuti to styles like samba, there’s an Afropop episode connecting the sounds of pop to the deep currents of history. And with Afropop's podcast, you'll get those stories, culture, and the best music in the world at your fingertips, available for your listening pleasure wherever YOU want it. So get the podcast. Put it on your phone or mp3 player or tablet or computer. Listen to it in the gym or in the car or on the train. It's yours now. And if you like it, you can help us out by writing a review or rating it five stars on iTunes. We're trying to hit the ground running, so every bit of support that we get early on really helps. Finally, you should know that this is only the beginning of a whole new chapter here at Afropop. So stay tuned for more announcements in the next couple of months. See you out there, --Sam Backer, Producer for Digital Media