Videos July 24, 2013
Red Hot + Fela Livestream!
There are a lot of great concerts in New York this summer. Heck, there are a lot of great concerts in New York EVERY summer. But every once in a while, a truly special one rolls around, and we have every reason to believe that RED Hot + Fela will DEFINITELY be one of them. Featuring musical talents like Superhuman Happiness, Sinkane, Baloji, the Kronos Quarter, and TONY "Inventor of that whole beat part of Afrobeat" ALLEN, the concert was created in conjunction with the fantastic Red Hot organization, which does vital work to fight AIDS and HIV through the power of popular culture. And the whole thing is being held in tribute of Fela Kuti, a man who knew a little bit about fighting for a cause using the power of pop culture. Normally, this is the point at which we'd say- "and you should come if you're in New York." But this time, geography has no hold on us. The folks at Lincoln center were good enough to organize a live stream of the show. So no matter where you are, tune in or turn up, and prepare for a night of unforgettable music. use the #LCStream Hashtag to comment online. And for you New Yorkers? The concert is being held tonight at 7:30, at Lincoln Center out of Doors in Damrosch Park. AND it's FREE.

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