Blog June 24, 2014
RESPECT: Tell us, who do you love? Taking artist submissions
In African and Afro-diasporic popular music, there have been so many amazing bands and amazing artists who were locally recognized at a certain time, but whose music never managed to make it beyond that time and place. For example, Orchestre Kiam, the subject of our first RESPECT post. We want to give these bands the respect they deserve, but we need your help! We already spend all day telling you about who we love, but we'd like to learn from you and help shed light on your favorite under-appreciated artists from the distant- and not-so-distant past- all those groups who enjoyed popular success, but have since been overlooked by continued musical rush. To honor these bands and artists, we are launching a new Afropop blog series called RESPECT. We'll shed some historical and editorial light on—or at least pay some special attention to—your favorite under-appreciated artists, for no other reason than because their music is so very awesome! So, send us your artist suggestion- you can email us at, or hit us up on facebook or twitter. Or come by our office. Or give us a call. Or write us a praise song. Whatever gets the job done, you know? And to sweeten the deal, if you send us an idea that we write about, we will send YOU an Afropop t-shirt.