Blog March 10, 2010
Scholar: Diane Thram
Diane Thram ( PhD Ethnomusicology, Indiana U (1999), is Director of the International Lilbrary of African Music (ILAM) and Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Rhodes University Ethnomusicology Programme. She came to Rhodes University in 1999 to develop the Ethnomusicology Programme for ILAM and the Rhodes University Music Department where Ethnomusicology is offered as an undergraduate major and at Masters and PhD levels. She has published articles and book chapters from her research on the therapeutic efficacy of music in the indigenous religions of the Shona and Xhosa in Southern Africa and on media control in Zimbabwe.  As Director of ILAM she has secured funding for research initiatives, for professional cataloguing, preservation, access, and dissemination of ILAM’s holdings,  and for The ILAM Music Heritage Education Project for development of educational materials from ILAM’s holdings designed to repatriate the music in the Hugh Tracey Collection to its communities of its origin.

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