Features March 31, 2010
Senegal's 50th Anniversary: Artist Profiles
This year, Senegal celebrates its 50th Anniversary. Our own Sean Barlow, Executive Producer of Afropop Worldwide, has just left with an American delegation to join the celebration in Senegal. In honor of his trip, and the country's milestone, we've complied a list of key Senegalese artists along with links to video, MySpace pages and websites. Read more about Sean's Trip to Senegal Youssou N’Dour: 89413B2 Youssou N'Dour's Homepage Youssou N'Dour's Myspace http://youtu.be/vdW0jwEihrs Youssou N’Dour with his “Egypt” Project http://youtu.be/9KJEBocWMV0 Youssou N’Dour Live in London Baaba Maal: Baaba+Maal Baaba Maal's Homepage Baaba Maal's Myspace http://youtu.be/0L2xKgNHIOk Performing at Southbank Center Orchestre Baobab: orchestra baobab Orchestra Baobab's Myspace http://youtu.be/nPBUWwsugiM Performing “Jiin Ma Jiin Ma” Live http://youtu.be/aBk2VAz--bQ Performing Live In Chicago Cheikh Lo: Cheikh-Lo-5 Cheikh Lo's Facebook Cheikh Lo's Myspace http://youtu.be/yVuExBvIZsQ Performing Live in France Positive Black Soul: positive-black-soul-1072-267-9843231 Positive Black Soul's Myspace http://youtu.be/4h4B6Qa4fXk Performing Live Thione Seck: tseckThione-orange-BE Thione Seck's Myspace http://youtu.be/gxZ0KBhXOVs Music Video Omar Pene: Rainforest World Music Festival, Sarawak, Malaysia 2003. Omar Pene, veteran Senegalese M'balax musician Omar Pene's Homepage http://youtu.be/qzpVvqXn0PE Performing Live in France Ismael Lo: ismaello Ismael Lo's Record Label's Page Ismael Lo's Facebook http://youtu.be/7lTHiObYX1o Tajabone Video Kine Lam: kinelam http://youtu.be/3ZeLWWZltqo Music Video http://youtu.be/1GxOnhDvU1Y Music Video 2 Kine Lam's Allmusic Page Sister Fa: sisterfa Sister Fa's Homepage Sister Fa's Myspace http://youtu.be/ZCjSbMReGRQ My Name Is Sister Fa Video http://youtu.be/As-11zDIObY Performing at UN Day 2009 Toure Kunda: toure-kunda Toure Kunda's Homepage http://youtu.be/uB9N63MbRVw Performing “Emma”