Blog October 16, 2013
Shaggy & Ne-Yo are singing to 'You Girl"

Sultry! The video for the new Shaggy and Ne-Yo collab “You Girl” premiered this morning, and it’s a pretty classy joint. Nothing revolutionary here, just a silky smooth groove and that tasty guitar hook. Ne-Yo’s croon proves to be a pretty compelling foil for Shaggy’s gravely rasp, and that band's got a pretty heavy back-beat that'll get everyone moving. (Big ups to Sly & Robbie for that one)


It’s a sexy little track accompanied by an equally adorable video. You’ve got to hand it to them; they did this one for the ladies, and while there are maybe better causes, there are surely worse ones too. While we’re on the subject, Shaggy and Ne-Yo deserve some points for portraying some pretty respectable attitudes towards women and gender relations over-all. The women in this video seem to think that the fancy clothes and meals that Shaggy and Ne-Yo want to spoil them with are preposterous, and prefer slow dances at vacant clubs, shopping for fresh fruit, and lounging around waterfalls with their boo. Granted, the video still features a pretty cushy looking mansion, but it’s always a pleasure to see some positive, everyman values transmitted in pop culture.