Blog June 20, 2012
Sierre Leone's Refugee Allstars partner with UN's World Food Program
The world-famous  Sierra Leone's Refugee Allstars have announced a new partnership with the U.S. branch of the U.N.’s World Food Program. The organization is devoted to fighting world hunger through targeted interventions that aim to combat acute food crisis around the world as well as to encourage longer-term food security through work programs designed to “build assets and promote self-reliance.” The partnership was kicked off by the release of a video for the song “Big Fat Dog” (from the band's new album “Radio Salon”) on both the band’s and the organization’s websites. The song addresses the inequalities of wealth and the global problem of hunger through its lyrics, (the chorus of which criticizes the dog in question because it “eats all the meat and give me bones”) while the video, shot in Freetown, humorously dramatizes the singer’s desperate search for a meal. The band will also attempt to spread awareness about both the W.F.P and the current drought crisis afflicting the Sahel region of West Africa during its tour of the US this summer, making stage announcements and distributing information after the show. Go HERE to learn more about the Sahel's drought crisis. Go HERE to see the band's summer dates. And, finally, you can check out our review of the album HERE.