Blog November 25, 2013
Skerrit Bwoy's #JesusParty Brings Gospel Madness to the Bronx

Do you enjoy equal amounts of Jesus and bass on your Friday nights? How about getting crunk in the name of the Lord? Then there is a party for you, my friend. On November 29, Skerrit Bwoy, the former frontman of Major Lazer, is presenting #JesusParty, the launch of his Electric Gospel Christian Entertainment company, at Pyramid in the Bronx.

Skerrit Bwoy, a DJ, MC and dancer from St. Johns, Antigua, moved to the Bronx in the mid 90s where he quickly became involved in the dancehall scene there (Oh yeah, we covered that scene recently). He gained notoriety as hypeman for Major Lazer, in particular for his live performances of a certain dance move that would make most church-going folk blush. However, Skerrit Bwoy himself did attend church even during his daggering days and defended his signature move as a work of comedic performance art. But during a visit to his native Antigua, he came to the realization that he had to abandon his previous ways, giving up not just daggering, but also any music with swearing and any performance in clubs where alcohol is served. His new Electric Gospel Christian Entertainment company is “about keeping it clean, while keeping it crazy.” Skerrit Bwoy has retained his yellow mohawk, along with his passion for reggae, soca, and dancehall-- the high energy musical feel has stayed the same, while the subject matter has shifted firmly into gospel territory.

He released a mixtape last week titled Soca Gospel Vol. 1, which features over an hour of Caribbean gospel with titles like “Jesus Makes You Wanna Dance.” He advertises the mixtape by advising listeners to “Take it to Church on Sunday & jus watch the pastor turn that dancefloor up!” Even the most cynical nonbelievers will find it hard to not praise dancefloor Jesus when they hear the blaring sirens, dancehall vocals, and “You can’t stop it/The gospel is preaching!” chorus of the mix.

If you're around, we'll see you at the show. If not? Turn it up for the lord!

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