Blog October 2, 2013
So Shifty drops new mix: Rebota Bum Bum
So Shifty dropped yet another bumpin’ reggaeton mix that Afropop is all too eager to share with you.  Our dj heroes weaves together tunes that will make you want to slow grind under dim lights (or in our current case, in our overly-daylight office).  Opening with a hard hitting beat and then injecting just a touch of roots reggae, So Shifty wastes no time getting us into the groove.  This continues with contributions by reggaeton veterans J-king and Maximan, formerly of the Casa de Leones, as well as the likes of Baby Rasta and Gringo. The mix smooths out a bit later on with “Tranquila” (as the name would suggest) and then goes on to pull elements from a number of genres, including a nice detour into merengue.  Each songs flows seamlessly into the next, and while the groove slowly morphs from high to low and back again, listeners and dancers will find themselves immersed from start to finish. For those who haven't been following the evolution of reggaeton since "Gasolina," this mix is a nice place to pick up the story- and for those who have? This mix is just nice. 'Nuff said. [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]