Blog July 20, 2012
Spotlight: Bibi Tanga & the Selenites - "Kangoya"
Bibi Tanga has had one heck of a life so far. As a son of a diplomat, Tanga was born in Central African Republic but grew up in various major cities across the world from Moscow to Paris to New York. As a musician, Tanga's varied background makes sense with a musical output that often includes various styles and an array of instrumentation. Take "Kangoya" off his latest album 40° of Sunshine as an example. The track rolls along on the back of a serious bass groove, the kind of low-end movement that pushes through the drums and guitar to takes its place at the head of the track. Draped over this foundation is a bed of intimately pattering snare drums and crisp keyboards, with Tanga's rich vocal taking a central stance somewhere over the bass. Wah solo? Vocals doubled at the octave? The songs abounds with any number of nice touches, all of which to manage to push towards a zone of its own, the kind of headphone jam made for head-bobbing, if not the club. Hear for yourself: Kangoya (from upcoming album '40° of sunshine') by BibiTanga & The Selenites 40° of Sunshine was just released this week via Nat Geo Music and is available on iTunes. Also, if you are in NYC, be sure to check him and the Selenites opening up for SMOD and Orchestre Poly-Rythmo at SummerStage in Central Park on Sunday!