Blog May 30, 2012
Spotlight: Urban Knights - "Step On Dem" F. Blackout JA
The UK has a long tradition of bringing unique brands of reggae and dancehall. And a series of producers and artists have been maintaining that tradition for a minute now, mixing in elements of UK Bass and electronic music seamlessly along the way. The latest offering from the UK-based duo Urban Knights is no different. Featuring Blackout JA, "Step on Dem" is hard-hitting bashment offering just in time for summer. Made up of producers Benny Kane and Dr Specs, the track strikes a funky, dancefloor-ready balance between various grime, UK Bass and modern dancehall. In other words, this track is hot like the weather. We actually heard this track last week but are just now getting to it. Fire!     The track was released via the Finland-based Top Billin. Check out a few remixes via their Soundcloud.