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Stocking Stuffers 2017 Feature

If nothing else, 2017 was a great year for music (and it's possible that it wasn't a great year for anything else). On Afropop Worldwide this week, Georges and Banning talk about their favorite releases this year, which run the gamut from the latest and hottest hip-hop on the continent to a live concert recorded in the '70s. To allow you to stuff your loved ones' stockings easier, and to support these artists who could always use it, we've listed and linked to all the music mentioned below.


Blay Ambolley: Ketan

Image result for highest sarkodie

Sarkodie: Highest

Image result for your type no dey kayso

Kayso: Your Type No Dey

Mabiisi: Mabiisi Remixes

Image result for darandi aurelio

AurelioDarandi (For more on "the reigning king of Garifuna roots music" check out our review here).

Image result for ladilikan trio da kali and kronos quartet

Trio Da Kali, Kronos Quartet: Ladilikan (For more on this meeting of Western classical music and West African traditional music, check out Afropop's own Banning Eyre talking about this album on NPR's All Things Considered).

Image result for zaire 74 the african artists franco & le TPOK jazz

Various Artists, including Franco and Le TPOK Jazz: Zaire ’74: The African Artists

Image result for vinyl box set 4 fela kuti

Fela Kuti: Vinyl Box Set 4: Compiled by Erykah Badu

Image result for afrobeats hot hits

Rayce: Afrobeats Hot Hits

Image result for if davido

Davido: If (Davido just won "Best African Artist" at the Music of Black Origin Awards, over his rival WizKid, who countered by winning the MOBO for "Best International Artist". We have written about both artists a lot here, and are very into their rivalry). 

Image result for tokooos fally ipupa

Fally Ipupa: Tokooos (Check out this thorough and helpfully-context-giving review by Nkumu Isaac Katalay Diallo).

Image result for kin sonic jupiter & okwess

Jupiter & Okwess: Kin Sonic

Image result for eghass malan les filles de illighadad download

Les Filles de Illighadad: Eghass Malan

Image result for osas anewal

Anewal: Osas It’s Time

Image result for 2017 leila gobi

Leila Gobi: 2017

Image result for resistance songhoy blues

Songhoy Blues: Résistance

Image result for samba vieux farka toure

Vieux Farka Toure: Samba

Image result for politiki mamadou kelly

Mamadou Kelly: Politiki

Image result for poula warali awa poulo

Awa Poulo: Poulo Warali

Image result for taksera tamikrest

Tamikrest: Taksera

Image result for transmision en la erita meta ilu keke

Ilú Keké: Transmisión en la Eritá Meta (Luis Bran explained the origins of this recording project in an interview as part of our show on Afro-folkloric traditions in Matanzas, Cuba).

Image result for cubafonia dayme arocena

Daymé Arocena: Cubafonía

Image result for sabiduria eddie palmieri

Eddie Palmieri: Sabiduría

Image result for so it is preservation hall jazz band

Preservation Hall Jazz Band: So It Is

Image result for ranky tanky ranky tanky

Ranky Tanky: Ranky Tanky (Afropop's Akornefa Akyea reviewed their album and wrote a helpful primer on Gullah music and culture). 

Image result for tenere afous d'afous

Afous d’Afous: Tenere

Image result for melanie l'orchestre afrisa international

l’Orchestre Afrisa International: Melanie

Image result for tribute to ndiouga dieng orchestra baobab

Orchestra Baobab: Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng

Orchestre Les Mangalepa: Last Band Standing

Image result for ndule jaja bashengezi

Jaja Bashengezi: Ndule


Mokoomba: Luyando (We've been ringing the Mokoomba bell for a while, because they're amazing, and chat 'em up every chance we get, including at the Nuits D'Afrique Festival in Montreal this year).

Toy Raha Toy

Toko Telo: Toy Raha Toy

Image result for king of time johnny clegg

Johnny Clegg: King of Time (Clegg sat down with Banning Eyre for a great interview when he was in New York in October).

Image result for soweto soul soweto soul

Soweto Soul: Soweto Soul

Image result for ethiopia teddy afro

Teddy Afro: Ethiopia 

Image result for jinja the nile project

The Nile Project: Jinja

Image result for sweet as broken dates aamina camaari

Aamina Camaari: Sweet As Broken Dates

Image result for loe loa betsayda machado & parranda el clavo

Betsayda Machado & Parranda El Clavo: Loe Loa

Image result for banzeiro dona onete

Dona Onete: Banzeiro

Image result for ayo bomba estereo

Bomba Estereo: Ayo (Reviewed here).

Image result for daddy said so douye

Douyé: Daddy Said So

Image result for golpes y flores eliana cuevas

Eliana Cuevas: Golpes y Flores

Image result for kebrada elida almeida

Elida Almeida: Kebrada (The Cape Verdean star-on-the-rise spoke with Afropop as part of our show on the island nation's rich musical life).

Image result for ayo boom boom

Ayo: Ayo (Ayo stopped by the office with her adorable baby to chat and even play a little music).

Image result for ladama compared to what

Ladama: Ladama

Image result for anarouz 3ma

3Ma: Anarouz

Image result for la confusion amadou & mariam

Amadou & Mariam: La Confusion

Image result for dounia tabolo boubacar traore

Boubacar Traoré: Dounia Tabolo

Oumou Sangaré: Mogoya (Take your pick with "Mali's nightingale": We've got a 1997 feature from The Beat magazine, we've reviewed the new album, we've got archives).

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