Discography March 6, 2008
Discography: Sudan: A Musical History
Much of the music on this program was either recorded by Afropop Worldwide, or gathered through non-commercial sources. Surprisingly little Sudanese music is available on the international market, but here are a few good leads, and hopefully, more in the pipeline! Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's Sudan: A Musical History: Mustafa Al Sunni "Omni Salam" (Self Produced 2006) Various artists "The Golden Era Of Sudanese Music" (Blue Nile Records 2007) Muhammed El Amin "Voice Of Sudan" (Haus der Kulturen der Welt 1996) Mohammed Wardi "Greatest Hits, Volume 1" (Blue Nile Records 1998) Hamza El Din, Hamza El Din "Escalay (the Water Wheel): Oud Music" Voice and Oud, the music of Hamza El Din, 1971 (Nonesuch 1971, Nonesuch 1971) Omer Ihsas "Imagine (yellaetkhael)" (Soul Conversations 2007) Various artists "Sudan: Music Of The Blue Nile Province" (AUVIDIS 1996) Various artists "Rough Guide To The Music Of Sudan" (World Music Network 2005) Emmanuel Kembe "Shen Shen (cry For South Sudan)" (Simple Sussurations) Emmanuel Jal "Warchild" (Sonic360 2008) Various artists "Women Of Spirit" (Putumayo 1998)   Also look for these recommended titles. Hamza El Din "A Wish" (Sounds True 1999) Abdel Gadir Salim "Le Blues De Khartoum (khartoum Blues)" (Institut du Monde Arabe 1999) Rasha "Let Me Be" (Nubenegra 2000) Emmanuel Jal, Abdel Gadir Salim "Ceasefire" (World Music Network 2005) Abdel Gadir Salim "The Merdoum Kings Play Songs Of Love" (Shanachie 1991)

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