Blog March 16, 2015
Tagore: Psychedelic Pernambuco Playlist and "Amor Pesado" Premiere

Tagore is one of the great young groups featured in our new show "Crabs With Brains: The Mangue Revolution and New Sounds of Recife." Tagore's sound, however, has less to do with the mangue movement of the '90s than the psych-rock scene of Pernambuco two decades earlier. Above, check out the premiere of the band's new single, "Amor Pesado," which features Paulo Rafael, a member of the band Ave Sangria, whose classic self-titled album from 1974 is one of the essential records of Northeastern Brazil's psychedelic era. Tagore Suassuna, Tagore's lead singer, also made us a list of his 10 favorite tracks from the '70s psych scene in Pernambuco. Decades before mangue brought international attention to Northeastern traditions, these musicians mixed cocomaracatu and baião with heavy, heavy psych. Check out the video playlist below!

Here's the track list:

Lula Côrtes e Zé Ramalho- "Nas Paredes Da Pedra Encantada" (Paebirú)
Alceu Valença- "Molhado de Suor" (Molhado de Suor)
Ave Sangria- "Dois Navegantes" (Ave Sangria)
Ave Sangria- "O Pirata" (Ave Sangria)
Alceu Valença- "Vou Danado Pra Catende" (Molhado de Suor)
Alceu Valença- "Cabelos Longos" (Molhado de Suor)
Alceu Valença- "Punhal De Prata" (Molhado de Suor)
Alceu Valença- "Agalopado" (Espelho Cristalino)
Alceu Valença- "Espelho Cristalino" (Espelho Cristalino)
Alceu Valença- "Pontos Cardeais" (Vivo)