Blog May 8, 2013
Takun J named Liberia's Gender Based Violence Reduction Ambassador
Takun J, the rapper at the forefront of Liberia’s Hip-Co musical movement, was recently named the country’s Gender Based Violence Reduction Ambassador. Takun J’s appointment is part of a larger push to combat sexual and gender based violence in the country. On May 1st, Liberia’s president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, gave a speech at the Ministry of Gender and Development affirming her commitment to reducing the number of rape and gender based violence throughout the nation. “Even one rape case is enough[...] I now declare the Anti-Rape Campaign launched, and call on everyone to play a role in its effective implementation.” Takun J has been doing his part as a socially-conscientious artist for sometime now. The Hipco artist has made his career writing and performing extremely controversial and politically daring songs such as “Police Man”, a critique of Liberia’s police force that earned the rapper several erroneous arrests and beatings from the cops. His new song and video, “A Song for Hawa”, continues this legacy. The track is a frank meditation on the evils of rape and child abuse, and the video is emotionally difficult to watch at some points, as is only appropriate. But the video is not only harrowing. Instead, it offers a positive view of empowered young women and an optimistic vision of the future, which is the end-goal of the government's campaign to eradicate rape in Liberia. We support Liberia’s campaign against sexual and gender based violence and are proud to learn that the country’s musical community is part of that effort. We are particularly pleased to know that a talented musician such as Takun J is taking such and active role. We salute Liberia and Takun J in this noble and vitally important fight.