Blog May 30, 2013
Tambor Santo Vol. 2
One listen to Don Beto’s newest mix-tape, Tambor Santo Vol. 2, could serve as your weekly dosage of Venezuelan musical fire! (and yes, that is doctor recommended) Mixing, matching, and slicing tracks to create a rolling groove jam-packed with hypnotic, pulsing beats (hence the name of the mix, ‘Holy Drum’) the listener is brought on a journey throughout Afro-Latin American music. DJ Don Beto is a member/affiliate of La Gallera Social Club, a Venezuelan group that combines elements of traditional folkloric music with Afro-Latino grooves and serious digital dance floor chops. Similar to their previous albums, this mix heavily features intricate hand drumming, fusing it with elements of hip-hop, 60s soul/funk, traditional call and response singing, and cumbia. Without a specific track list (DJ's OF THE WORLD- PLEASE GET BETTER AT THIS), it's easy to get lost in the seamless transitions and sampling that connects and fuses tunes from disparate sources. Beginning with a funky rendering of Missy Elliot's 2002 hit "Work It," Don Beto’s mix is a non-stop blast of energy, a colorful blend of trance-like grooves over fast-paced drum beats. So get up, dance, and enjoy the musical journey! Check it out- Tambor Santo Vol.2 (MIXTAPE) by donbetomusic