Blog June 19, 2012
The Beatles Meet Baile Funk
Big ups to the always on-point Tropical Bass for bringing this to our attention in their latest installment of Caballo's Certified Bangers ®. Basically, Caballo scours the internet for new music that is, you guessed it, “certified bangers.” Usually we just go through the tracks to make the walls shake in our office but this particular one was so bizarrely awesome, we had to pass it on. UK-based DJ Bumps (aka Sean Casey) remixed “All You Need is Love” by The Beatles and threw a hard as asphalt Baile Funk spin on it. Straight out of the Brazilian favelas and melted onto the wax of a classic Beatles single. Has the world gone mad? Yes, and it’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of. Don’t believe us? Stream the following below and try staying still. Hurry though, because we imagine the great powers of copyright will be sending their latest "cease and desist" to Bumps any hour now. The Beatles - All You Need Is Love (Bumps' Neo Baile Refix) by Bumps If you dig this sort of thing then we advise you to download/listen to our program Crate Diggers & Remixers as soon as possible.