Blog July 10, 2013
The Heatwave Mixtape, "Gyal Power"
The Heatwave has dropped their newest mixtape: “Gyal Power.” It's in your face, energetic, and good. Like really, really good. But we’re not surprised; with the top-notch track record that The Heatwave boasts, how can you be? The hour-long mixtape, featuring exclusively female dancehall MCs, is yet another reminder that The Heatwave is a force in UK dancehall,  their remixes and mixtapes spreading the bashment joy everywhere they land. As the title suggests, while “Gyal Power” is all about the ladies, it can definitely be enjoyed by both men and women alike. In case you've forgotten, the mix is a reminder that female artists and MCs are often just as, if not more, nasty on the mic as their male colleagues. Opening up with Beyoncé’s “Run the World (Girls),” the mixtape features various leading female artists like Natalie Storm, Rihanna, Gaza Slim, Lady Saw, and Shontelle. The dancehall crew, made up of Gabriel Heatwave, Rubi Dan, Benjamin D and its immediate family, leading lady Zi Zi Scandal, Henry Heatwave, and Dan Bean, run Hot Wuk, UK’s “maddest bashment party,” every week in London.  Planning to take a trip across the pond? Be sure to check them out live! and if you can't? Well- this mix is plenty party starting on its own. [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]