Videos November 26, 2013
The only way we were ever gonna write about that Miley lady
Well. It happened. And maybe we should have expected it. As the internet raged back and forth about the endless trials and tribulations of Ms. Cyrus, we managed- with the exception of a few heated office discussions- to pretty much avoid it. And now, just when everything seemed to be settling down, and it was finally safe to look at Gifs again, Elephant Man had to go and release a new video for his bandwagon jumping track "Miley Cyrus (Twerk)." For those who don't know (or can't quite remember), Elephant Man AKA "The Energy God" is one of the greatest entertainer's in a genre known for them, capable (and willing) to jump into, over, through, and pon any and every trend, style and reference in his undying quest to rock every single human being in the world. He's been a bit out of the game lately, so he makes a welcome return on this video, which features him as an Egyptian-style king, gleefully watching his happy subjects twerk. Is it that different than the video dancing in a normal Jamaican music video? Not really, but a big of pandering never bothered us any. Especially not when it results in a track this dance-inducing, or a video this funny.

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