Blog October 17, 2012
Thomas Mapfumo at Carnegie hall TICKET GIVEAWAY
How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, Practice, Practice! Or, you know, be the absolute best at what you do. OR- you can do both. For those who don't already know from his legendary reputation, Thomas Mapfumo definitely falls into this third category. Nicknamed the "Lion of Zimbabwe," Mapfumo has been a dominant figure in the nation's music since his early days with the Hallelujah Chicken Run Band. He was one of the first to combine traditional Shona sounds with popular music, and one of the few brave enough to use this music to criticize the colonial government then in power. Faced with the increasingly corrupt rule of Robert Mugabe, Mapfumo again took a stand, ultimately resulting in his exile to the United States. Mapfumo is rightly famous for the quality of his live performances, and has left behind a long trail of delighted audiences throughout the world. In a historic occasion, Mapfumo and his band, the Blacks Unlimited, will play their first show at Carnegie hall on Saturday, October 20th at ten pm. And WE HAVE A PAIR OF FREE TICKETS! To win, send an email containing your name to with "Thomas Mapfumo" in the subject line. Click HERE for more information about the show. GOOD LUCK!