Blog January 24, 2018
Ticket Giveaway: Hasidic New Wave and Alioune Faye and Yakar Rhythms

New York, with all its diversity, is a city of fusion in food, dance, fashion and certainly music. One musical fusion to get excited about is that of Hasidic New Wave and Yakar Rhythms. These are two groups coming together to fuse the sounds of jazz, klezmer music and Senegalese drumming. You might be thinking “far out!” but trust in the fusion, it works:

As part of the World Music Institute’s Contemporary Jewish Series, Hasidic New Wave and Alioune Faye and Yakar Rhythms will perform songs from their collaborative album From the Belly of Abraham at Littlefield in Brooklyn on Feb. 3. Afropop is giving away a pair of tickets to a lucky winner who wishes to witness this joyful collaboration. To enter, sign up for our newsletter and send an email to with “Yakar” in the subject line. Good luck! Now go enjoy those Indian tacos you heard about in Greenwich Village.

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