Blog August 30, 2013
Top Five New Chilean Musicians
As a further exploration of the music featured in our LAMC 2013 program, producer Nadia Reiman has brought us a list of five of her favorite new musicians who emerged from Chile's ever bubbling alternative scene. Check it out! 


1- Astro- A Chilean pop band where two members' stage names are Lego Moustache and Zeta Moustache. You get Also, FYI, their video for Panda, although awesome, is a little NSFW: 2- Gepe- The dreamy Daniel Riveros made this video for his song Fruta y Te with Chilean director Marialy Rivas who made the film "Young and Wild." Fans had mixed reviews, but I really like it. I think it's an interesting take on class in Chile: 3- Javiera Mena- Dancey, fun, amazing. Check out her video Al Siguiente Nivel: 4- Alex Anwandter: Great pop music about gay rights. His video Cómo Puedes Vivir Contigo Mismo is a tribute to Paris Is Burning: 5- Adrianigual: Super fun and upbeat, here's Bang Bang Bang: