Blog September 27, 2013
Tremor- "Antes o Despues"- Afropop Exclusive Mixtape
Tremor, a trio from Buenos Aires, have been on our radar for some time as part of the ZZK  affiliated crew that has spent the last 5 years connecting the dots between international dance music, ambient electronica, folk sounds drawn from across South America, and the inevitable beat of Cumbia. Within this cadre, Tremor have always been on the more dreamily reflective side of things, less attached to the Cumbia that has been such a central aspect of the dance-floor centric movement's sonic identity. In its place, composer, band leader, and producer Leonardo Martinelli has dug deeply into Argentinian folk music, filtering its acoustic sounds through shimmering production to create an otherworldly, enveloping impact. On the group's new album "Proa," this production magic, while still present, is married to a vastly more developed compositional sense. As a result, the album's tracks aren't merely sonically engulfing, but musically fascinating, with unexpected meter changes or instrumental flourishes brushing up against a chorus of beautifully stacked vocals or dubstep worthy bass assaults. In an effort to further explicate the album's musical context, Tremor has put together the "Antes o despues" mixtape. Pulling from both their new and old work, it also includes tracks from prominent musical influences, as well as other bands working in a similar vein. It's a fantastic listen, so check it out! [soundcloud url="" params="" width=" 100%" height="166" iframe="true" /]