Videos July 18, 2013
Video Alert: Blitz the Ambassador's "Dikembe!"

Everybody knows that we've got serious love for Ghana at Afropop lately, so in that spirit let’s talk about the new video from a son of Accra, Blitz The Ambassador.

Blitz’s records alone are evidence enough that he’s one of the coolest cats on the scene right now, but the enigmatic, Terence-Nance-directed short film that shares a name with his 2011 album Native Sun really kicked things up a notch. The movie, released earlier this year, is surreal, challenging, and beautiful, much like The Ambassador’s music. Not only did the short film expand Blitz’s artistic reach, but it also underlined his strong relationship with Accra.

“Dikembe!”, the lead single from the first Blitz release since Native Sun, finds him back in Africa, but this time in Morocco, a touch north from his homeland. The video is pretty flawless. When the organ whips in under that expansive sweep of the Rabat skyline, you know you're in for another high definition a.v. expedition from the master himself. “No, no, no”, indeed. The high caliber of Blitz’s flow and the stunning visual exploration of Morocco’s capital city make the use of Dikembe Mutombo’s signature finger wag a no brainer. The beat is rad (y’all hearing that guitar sample?), his flow is smooth and stylish, and the video is both patently him and fresh at the same time. The track’s off The Warm Up EP, due out August 6th. We’re looking forward to it.


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