Blog April 25, 2012
Video: The Very Best - "Yoshua Alikuti"
The always intriguing duo The Very Best are back with a video for a new single off their forthcoming full-length due to drop this summer. You may notice that the beginning of the track samples Lil Wayne's "A Milli" before delving into the electronic-fueled pop track. That sample is a hint at the videos theme. In the video for the 2008 Lil Wayne single, it showcases the rapper strutting around a set with his posse and security guards in tow. For "Yoshua Alikuti," Esau and Johan riff off that video but instead of the set for a music video shoot or backstage at a concert, the two roll through a township in Nairobi. The end result is a colorful delve into a playful first person account of what it would be like to roll with someone popular on an average day in an Nairobi township.