Videos October 24, 2013
Vybz Kartel releases new video for "Up"
It's a tricky problem. How do you make a music video when your star is incarcerated and therefore unable to participate? There are the old standbys- stock footage, Ken Burns style photo montage, body doubles, "high concept" video, and then there is the rarely used "cheap computer animation" approach. This latter style is precisely what is employed in the new video for dancehall don Vybz Kartel's "Hi" (Produced by the equally killer Rvssian). It really shouldn't work, except that somehow? It does. The song, a mid-tempo melancholy banger somewhat in the style of "Half on a Baby," is a slice of pure dancehall pleasure, and the video fully embraces the gleeful vibe. Intercut with shots of very real women dancing (and very real shadowy figures smoking what we can only assume is equally real ganja), cartoon Vybz seems to be having a swell time, riding in gaza themed spaceships, and just generally being the World Boss that he is.   Check it!

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