Blog March 3, 2014
"Wali Bena" Muyei Power- Sierra Leone in 1970s USA
Soundway strikes again! They just shared a preview track from their upcoming release, out 4/28/2014, Muyei Power- Sierra Leone in 1970s USA, a collection of recordings made in California in 1975 and 1976  by Muyei Power, one of the biggest bands in Sierra Leone at the time. The tracks have been licensed courtesy of ex lead-singer and bandleader Abou Whyte, who now lives in New Jersey and performs as a solo artist. Based on the preview single, "Wali Bena," we are excited to hear more from this classic band! A powerful percussion section of sharp bells, rolling djembes, booming dunduns and funky drum set lock with tight bass and guitars,  supporting soaring vocals, a loose sax and wild guitar solo. Brief percussion breaks raise the tension to furious levels. What doesn't this track have? Nothing. It's all in there. We would have loved to be in the audience at those Cali college gigs in '75!