Blog July 9, 2015
Wanlov Is Ghana's President in 99K's New Video
Wanlov the Kubolor, the Afro-Gypsy God (as he calls himself on Twitter), picks up a new title, President of Ghana, in a brilliantly executed new video for 99K’s KASA (Episode One). In KASA, which stands for “Know and Speak Aloud,” 99K asks Ghana’s president a series of questions about some of the most pressing issues facing the country today. A relative newcomer to Ghana’s music scene, 99K puts on an impressive performance in the video, as both the TV presenter hosting Wanlov and three separate callers with worries for their leader to address. The video was shot in several locations--marketplaces in Accra and a forest, among others, in addition to a TV studio. By quickly cutting from one scene to the next, the video matches the frenetic pace of the track. Wanlov projects an outrageous image as president, wearing sunglasses, a shirtless suit jacket and a skirt to go with his long, flowing dreadlocks and wry smile. Rapping furiously in pidgin English with a bloody shirt and machete, 99K embodies the rage of Ghanaians frustrated by lack of economic opportunity. In his trademark deadpan style, Wanlov responds to the complaints and challenges of his citizens: “The oil, check your frying pan… You work too hard to eat. You should pray for bat meat to fall in the street.” In one of his most memorable lines, President Wanlov explains, “The Chinese are not here for gold, but our foo foo. When they are satisfied, they will teach us kung fu.” Wanlov’s hilarious sense of humor triumphs once again, and we hope to see a second KASA episode soon. Check out the video below: