Blog April 13, 2012
Weekend Afro-House Jamz Courtesy of Dubbel Dutch
Untracklisted mixes aren’t usually a favorite source of new music at Afropop. Although we definitely understand the legal reasons behind the failure to post track names (#copyrightlawz), it sure does make it difficult to track down the original artists being (re)mixed, and probably hinders them from getting the credit (and the Ca$h) that they deserve. Okay- that’s enough from our soapbox for now. We know that it’s the wild west out there in the inter-zone folks, but we feel confident that this mix has the stuff to get you through. Not to mention to soundtrack whatever it is that you’re doing this weekend. By turns bass-bumping, simultaneously uplifting and melancholy (in the way that only house and springtime can be), and stutteringly elegant, it’s a winner from start to finish. Nice moves, Dubble Dutch. Now tell us where those beats came from! (h/t Ghetto Bassquake) ***Update: Dubbel Dutch hit us up with some clarity on his mix. Here is his response to the "Afro-House" term: "Having simply titled this mix 'Afro-House' was somewhat misleading since a few people assumed or associated that the Afro-House I meant was the South African variety. All of the music in this particular mix however originates from either Angola or Portugal - and all of it was given away for free through soundcloud. A lot of kuduro producers have started migrating towards deep house or big room house sounds (similar to S.A. house) but with an almost kind of slow kuduro vibe."