Videos May 7, 2013
Xenia Rubinos- Whirlwind
For those who haven't heard her before, the new video from Xenia Rubinos will sound like a breath of fresh air, an incredibly original style that combines virtuosic singing and drumming with an intensity and off-kilter catchiness that almost disguises the music's complexity. For those who have heard her before? Her music still doesn't sound like anything else. Afropop was lucky enough to catch the debut show for her new album "Magic Trix," and we are excited to feature her brand new video for the song "Whirlwind." The song- like much of the album from which it is drawn- heavily features evolving loops of Rubinos's wordless vocals over the dance-prog beats laid down by drummer Marco Buccelli. Using fast cuts to simulate the effect of the music, the overall impact of the video is actually not that dissimilar from her live show. Give it a watch, give it a listen, and check out the album!

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