July 12/5:30 p.m. | Sculpture Garden 590 Madison Ave New York, NY
Nkumu Katalay & the “Life Long Project” Band

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Nkumu calls his musical style RumbiaFunk or RumbiaF. RumbiaFunk is a combination of african aesthetics, music and thought processes which exemplify how Congo influences every music style throughout the African Diaspora. RumbiaF consist of gospel, funk, Afro Cuban, and traditional and contemporary Congolese.  

Nkumu’s mission is to introduce new communities to Congo’s rich culture, the embodiment of his vision lies within the name of his music band; The “Life Long Project” band. Life Long Project interprets his philosophy that “one lives until he or she dies” therefore life is a series projects for survival. To survive, one garnishes life with endless projects or activities. Nkumu’s mission is to explain and show via live performances the contribution of Congolese culture in world history. His style is a combination of Congolese gospel and secular music. This mix while controversial, Isaac believes it will spark the debates to unify the Democratic Republic of Congo and the much-needed support the country needs from the Diaspora.

Nkumu has presented at the Apollo Theater, Manhattan Center, Prospect Park, Summer Stage, St. Nick’s Pub, the Schomburg Center for Black Research, Dickson’s place, and recently at The Explorers Club, Lincoln Center, and Afro Jam Music Conference in Harlem Mist. He will play at the Sculpture Garden as part of MOMA's Summer Thursday concert series.  

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