December 23, 2022
Afropop Stars to Watch in 2023

2022 will go down as the year African music broke the Internet. From every corner of the continent, the hits are coming so fast, it's pointless to create a best of 2022 list. African contemporary music now permeates in some form or other every corner of the globe. Tik-tok dance challenges propelled these following hits into the stratosphere and the global impact of these songs and artists will continue to explode into 2023. Happy holidays and enjoy!

South African amapiano artists, singer and songwriter, Deep London and Boohle deliver a new amapiano staple titled, "Hamba Wena."

Nigerian singer, rapper and songwriter Anthony Chukwuebuka Victor, who is professionally known as Victony is back with a new song titled, "Soweto" featuring Tempoe from his extended playlist album, Outlaw, Victony & Tempoe - "Soweto" (Official Video)

This love song from Tanzania's singer/songwriter duo Diamond Platnumz and Zuchu with Mtasubiri (Music Video). The infectious chorus will have you singing in Kiswahili: Eti unanipenda mi (Mnmhn), Unanitaka pia (Mnmhn) Unaniamini (Mnmhn) Na umeniridhia meaning, "Supposedly you love me (Mnmhn), You want me too (Mnmhn) You believe in me (Mnmhn) And you have satisfied me."

One favorite hit on repeat in 2022 is from Nigerian Ayra Starr, with Bloody Samaritan featuring Kelly Rowland in the remix that is sure to light dance floors into the new year and a sure sign of the trend of international artists collaborating with African artists. (Performance Video).

All around entertainer, Mbosso shares with his latest single "Huyu Hapa" (Official Music Video). Mbwana Yusuf Kilungi, better known by his stage name Mbosso Khan is a Tanzanian singer and songwriter.

FARÉ (Official Video) by Natu Camara is already an Afropop fan favorite from Guinea Conakry busting out the tunes and giving us a great video.

New from Addis Legesse - Enja - አዲስ ለገሰ - እንጃ , 2022 (Official Video). Lush horns and solid vocal storytelling.

Ntokozo, known professionally as K.O is a South African rapper. A.K.A. K.O has a new single, SETE (Official Music Video) ft. Young Stunna, Blxckie. Nigeria meets South Africa in another successful collaboration.

Superstar Oxlade's KU LO SA | A COLORS SHOW is a classic that will take us into 2023.

Enyi mba (bụ) Enyi - The people's Elephant (Enyi), the Elephant is the ultimate symbol and metaphor "There's strength in unity" and Flavour brings us a game changer, invoking unity in diversity from Igbo heritage called (Dike). Enjoy!

The emperor,

The conqueror

The champion

The lion is here

Nzọgbu nzọgbu - There's a stampede

Enyi mba (bụ) Enyi - The people's Elephant (Enyi) is the ultimate Elephant: metaphor for "There's strength in unity".

Tuo ya dike - Hail him/her "the great"(Dike)

Le/Ne nu dike - look/admire "the great" (x2)

Ihe eji a mara dike e ruo nu - The test of greatness is here

Egwu e change go - The music/tune has changed

Ihe eji a mara dike e ruo nu - The test of greatness is here

Egwu adagharigo - The music/tune has changed

O nwere ngabasị - He/she is everywhere

Ọ na-emekasị - He/she can't be outshone

O nwere ngabasị - He/she is everywhere

Ọ na-apịakasị - He/she is unmatched

Ebubedike - Great man

Ife erikekwe - There's abundance

Nwanyị manarịa - If a woman shows she's capable

Achalaugo dike - (Hail her) Great and strong woman

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