Blog June 7, 2019
A Peaceful Moment From Our Archives: Ebo Taylor in Ghana, 2013

As you must be aware (if I’m doing my job at all), Afropop is consolidating its archive of vinyl, CDs, DAT tape and video from our office and two storage units in two states, in hopes of taming this media beast, digitizing what needs to be digitized, and making it usable for ourselves, educators and the future.  

It’s no small undertaking, which is why we’re reaching out to the Afropop community with a GoFundMe campaign. We’ve raised over $5,000 in just over two weeks, and we’ve still got three weeks to go to reach our goal of an even $10K. Check out our page—we’ve got some great rewards, including an exclusive download of Afropop’s very first episode, a 1988 visit to South Africa.  

This footage of Ebo Taylor came from an April 2013 trip to Ghana, and it’s just the tip of the video iceberg. 

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