Blog April 7, 2023
Afro-Country: From Abidjan to Nashville With Peter One

This week's Afropop Worldwide program From Nashville to Nairobi: A History of Country Music in Kenya tells the remarkable story of country & western music's enduring hold on listeners in that East African country. But this is part of a bigger story about country music in Africa.

Case in point: Born in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire, and now a resident of Nashville, Tennessee, Peter One is now emerging as a U.S.-based C&W artist, and one with a remarkable back story. So remarkable that it earned a spot on the PBS News hour last night (4/6/23).

Here's a link to the PBS piece, a wonderful complement to this week's radio program.

And here's a link to our 2019 coverage of Peter One's landmark release on Awesome Tapes From Africa. Kudos to ATFA for another great find!

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